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Xtreme Motions :: Wheel Sports :: Electric Scooters :: 2016 GIO Italia 500w+ Premium Electric Scooter

2016 GIO Italia 500w+ Premium Electric Scooter
2016 GIO Italia  500w+ Premium Electric Scooter 
All new 2016 GIO Italia 500w+ Electric Scooter is all about style, comfort, performance, smooth acceleration and quality
Gio Bikes ... A Leader in Value, Reliability and Support since 2003!
Features and Benefits at glance:
DA Technology - DA helps to conserve the energy resulting in longer travel distance, more power going up the hill.
All new posh European design - The best looking model on the market leaving competition in the dust. Front and back motorcycle suspension - Back shocks are adjustable.
Upgraded seat - Much more comfortable seating  It is also wider.
Non removable mats - Your mat will never be blown away by the wind. Also easy to remove and wash.
Cruise Control - Hold throttle to the maximum for about 10 seconds for cruise control to engage.
Digital LCD gauges - Shows speed, range, amp meter, current trip. Back trunk - Adds more storage space. Trunk comes standard. (Not pictured).
Unique new colors - Totally cool and unique, featuring matte black, and azure and cherry red.
Security alarm - Comes standard on all GIO scooters.
New and improved pedaling mechanism - Pedal cranks are more narrow then on older models. Will never lose pedals or cranks while riding.
Foldable pedals - Great accessory comes standard.
16x3.00 wheels and tires

Available only through Xtreme Motions

Weight 110.00 kgs
Price: CA$1599.00


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